My name is Clare Palmer and I am the Family Liaison Officer at Senacre Wood Primary school.

I am here to support you as parents and children at this fantastic school in a range of different ways. You can contact me through the school office or, should you see me on the school playground, please do approach me personally.

Sometimes the stresses of everyday life can be quite overwhelming. If you need to talk these through, or need support please feel free to talk to me. You may need help with social and emotional wellbeing including friendship issues, grief & loss, parental separation, parenting, absence and lateness, behaviour, etc.



Part of my role is to work closely with all staff, outside agencies and other organisations to improve opportunities for our children and their families, and to signpost you accordingly. You would be supported as much as possible during this process.

My main duties are to provide a link between families and school.  
•To keep parents and carers informed about services available, helping them to access support and opportunities.
•To work with the wider school community in the best interests of the child.
•To help, support and advise families in order to enable their children to thrive socially, emotionally and educationally.

As Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience Lead, I want to ensure that our families have access to any additional support that may be required; If you feel that you need any help with the emotional wellbeing or mental health of yourself or your Child/Children please go to our page Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health for some useful links on local support and how to access it.


Understanding Your Child's Behaviour (Thursday 14th December 1-3pm)