At Senacre Wood Primary school, we are committed to providing a high quality art education which will engage, inspire and challenge our pupils. We strive to equip all of our pupils with the knowledge and skills to participate in, experiment with, invent and create a range of art, craft and design. Numerous studies confirm that pupils’ build life skills through creativity – helping them become more inquisitive, persistent, imaginative, disciplined and collaborative (Arts Council England). We recognise that the arts are all around us and that these are important life skills to develop. 



Using the national curriculum for Art and Design, and through the use of high quality teaching and through exploring a range of artists from different cultures and backgrounds, we aim to ensure that all pupils:

  • Have a positive attitude towards art, where they feel able to explore and take risks and where they have ownership of their own sketchbooks.
  • Make progress in all areas of art including drawing, painting and collage, printmaking, 3D/Sculpture, digital art, architecture, animation, design and making.
  • Can make connections between the works of different artists, designers and craft makers and can share their opinions of artwork.
  • Feel confident to stretch themselves and take risks in their learning

The core of what we believe is that every child should look forward to and enjoy their art lessons, focussing not just on the outcome of their work but also on the process. They should have access to a high quality curriculum, taught by a specialist art teacher in a well-resourced art studio, and supported by visits from local artists. We believe that art can have a positive impact on mental health and that all children can access it, regardless of any Special Education Needs.

For details of how we implement this within our school and how we measure the impact, please read our Art policy