What did we learn in Year 3?

Term 1

This term we are learning all about Prehistoric Britain, from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age.

Linking to this Historical Enquiry, we have been learning all about rocks in a Science Enquiry. We were very lucky to have a special visitor called Mr Berry. He brought in lots of fascinating rocks and fossils for us to look at and explore. We also created volcanic eruptions, a plasticine model of the earth's crust and core, models of natural events, such as earthquakes, and used microscopes to look closely at different rocks and fossils. 

We all had a fantastic day and learnt lots of brilliant information!

During the rest of Term 1, we continued to learn all about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We made our own Stone Age tools using stones and sticks, we learned all about homes in this Prehistoric period, looked at pictures of artefacts from each Prehistoric Period, and considered the positive effect that discovering Bronze and Iron had on humanity and daily life for the Prehistoric people.

We thought carefully about stereotypes of Prehistoric people, particularly Stone Age people. Our big question, 'Did Prehistoric people look and live like Fred Flintstone?' gave us lots to think about. Most of us thought that Stone Age people paved the way for the Bronze and Iron Ages, and that, even today, we use ideas that the Stone Age people thought of! We agreed that Fred Flintstone is a stereotype and cannot be seen as an accurate representation of prehistoric people. 

Here is what some of the children had to say about our enquiry:

'I liked making Stone Age spears in the woods.' - Evie

'I learnt that Iron Age people made hill forts.' - Caleb

'I liked sharing my own rocks and artefacts from home with the class.' - Jettson

'I liked looking at pictures of prehistoric artefacts and figuring out what they were.' - Dolcie

'I enjoyed learning about the Iron Age the most.' - Azriel

'I enjoyed the entire topic.' - Freddy G

'I liked learning how they made metal in the Bronze Age.' - Harper


Term 2

This term, we learnt all about what the Romans did for us. Many of us were shocked and surprised by how much influence the Romans have had on our lives today. 

We completed a range of activities in our history and English lessons around this enquiry. 

In English, we looked at Roman myths and legends. Then, we moved onto reading the Roman Diary: "The Journal of Iliona - A Young Slave". We used this text to construct an argument for or against slavery. At the end of the term, we used what we had learnt to have a debate on this issue.

We were offered a fantastic opportunity to see Horrible Histories: Rotten Romans in the cinema. We travelled to a small cinema in Hawkhurst. The film was funny and educational. This was a free screening provided by Into Film as part of an educational film festival. The class really enjoyed this experience. 

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