Year 4

Term 1

Willow class have enjoyed linking their music lessons to their Vikings topic this term and the children have listened to music based on some of the Viking sagas. The children confidently used percussion instruments in different ways to explore and create different sounds to match the worlds created by the Viking God, Odin. We composed a class soundscape to musically describe these worlds and to show their differences. The children had to consider musical elements such as timbre, tempo, pitch and dynamics when composing their own motifs for the different Viking settings and characters within the stories. Through the lyrics and emotions of the Viking saga songs studied, the children have been able to comment on the Viking way of life and compare this to our own lives today. We have also focused on beat and rhythm this term with lots of opportunities to compose and practise different patterns of sounds using percussion instruments and body percussion.

Term 5

This term Rowan and Willow will be exploring music by film composer Hans Zimmer and focusing on his piece composed for the BBC Ten Pieces called ‘Earth’. The children will enjoy responding to his music in a variety of different ways including creating a piece of artwork inspired by the music. They will develop their knowledge of key musical elements and draw on these when listening and reflecting on the music. Both classes will further their understanding of musical vocabulary and apply this knowledge when playing tuned and untuned percussion instruments. The children will develop key composing skills this term using graphic and staff notation and gain confidence to create their own musical patterns and motifs based on Hans Zimmer’s, ‘Earth’.

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