Gymnast Visit

We started off the day with a very inspirational assembly from Steve Frew. He told us about his life and some of the challenges he had faced on his journey to become a Commonwealth Gold medalist.

"My journey to Commonwealth gold met many obstacles along the way! Fitting in at school was not always easy for me as someone who was small for my age. My progression through the ranks was challenging; it took 23 years to finally fulfill my childhood dream of taking home a Commonwealth gold medal."

Steve also shared his inspiration to become a gymnast. It came from his love of Marvel because he wanted to be strong like the Hulk and fly like Spider man.

At one stage, the assembly caused many of us to hold our breath as Steve flipped over two students and a teacher!

Following the assembly each class had a workshop with Steve. Some of the classes focused on team building exercises whilst other classes had the chance to try out some gymnastic skills.

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