Fiver Challenge

"Over the last few weeks, in Maple class, we have been making our own stalls/games. We had one simple rule- the total cost of the stall had to be £5 or less! We made our own signs, posters and even a jingle.

There were a wide variety of stalls, consisting of ice-cream, fruit pops, candy floss, milkshakes, a lollipop game and even a teddy bear raffle!

The winner of the teddy bear was Oliver in Oak Class- well done Oliver!

All of Year 5 found the experience exciting and every single stall made a profit. £5 from each stall went to charity and the rest of the profits will go to next years Year 6- us!

The Star Pops team made the most profit of £36! But, altogether, we raised £119 which made all of Maple class shout for joy."

Ella and George Year 5

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