Science Club

Term 2
In Term 2, we have been fortunate enough to start Science Club again! Some students in Year 3 and 4 have been attending and have seen some amazing experiments. We have looked at how particles travel through chromatography and investigated what static electricity can do. We are all looking forward to the other experiments planned.
Term 3
Year 3 and 4 are continuing with Science club this term. In week one we have looked at how oil and water do not mix, and the problems that this might cause when oil spills in the ocean, compared with other things which could be removed.
There was also an experiment where we looked at coins. We investigated if the heads or tails side would hold more water. Pipettes were very good for putting drops of water on which we could count. If there was soap on the coin, the water would fall off quicker! 
On one of the weeks, we also looked at acids and alkalis. We made predictions about what ph number we expected to see and then tested it out. Since more people tested the same thing, we knew that the results we were getting were reasonably accurate.

Terms 4 and 5


EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 have joined Science Club now! We have been experimenting with many things we find around us. There have been so many questions! Sometimes, the children are shown something and asked what they think will happen if we mix it with other things, and then we investigate if their predictions are true! 

In the first week, we looked at making a tower of sugar cubes, and saw that our towers would fall over if we stacked them in water! The sugar would dissolve and the water felt strange.

We have also looked at melting ice. By putting salt and water on it, it melted faster! We also used our breath and fingers because they were warm! 

In Term 5, we have made towers (as a STEM project), to see who could make the tallest tower from toothpicks and jelly sweets. If we made the top too heavy, it fell over! 

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