2019-2020 DT

Year 2 Term 1

This term the children have been learning about making boxes. They had to use nets to create a box and had to think carefully about which way round to draw the pictures so that they would be the right way up when the box was completed. They investigated how to make pulleys using hangers and cotton reels and then created their own hot air balloons which move up and down. Some of the children's hot air balloons can now be seen in the art studio where you can see them in action!

Year 6 with help from the whole school

Term 2 and 3

Year 6 have been challenged to create a model village of Maidstone - made entirely out of cardboard, tape and glue! We wrote a list of all the main buildings around Maidstone (like Leeds Castle, The Archbishop's Palace, Allington Castle,  St Martin's Church, The Pavilion and last but not least, Morrisons!) and then we organised ourselves into small groups and selected a building.

We learnt about different joining techniques such as L braces, slots, tabs and hole punch and wire and then set to work on our mammoth task! After a few weeks one of the children suggested making more buildings so it would look more like our town and another child suggested that we get the rest of the school to help.

So we organised a whole school DT afternoon when Year 6 split up into small groups and visited every year group and set them the challenge to make us 5 buildings for our cardboard town. Year 6 taught the children the joining skills that they needed to use and supported them working in small groups and very soon we had 30 extra buildings to add to our installation!

Year 6 then worked as a team to organise the layout of their town. We wanted to create a piece of art that visitors could immerse themselves in and take photos in so we tried a few different ideas until we found our favourite one. During the afternoon each class came to visit our work and then after school we invited the parents into the hall to take a look. Everyone was ever so impressed with our work!


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