Year 4

Term 1

This term we focussed on making our sketchbooks look individual. We had a lesson all about making spaces and places and learnt how to make pockets in our sketchbooks by folding over a page, add extra pages in different colours and materials, fold large sheets of paper and stick them in to make bigger spaces, cut across our pages to make different shapes and concertinaed long strips of paper and stuck them in.

We then looked at some paintings by Winslow Homer depicting seascapes. We chose 3 paintings each and ordered them from our least to most favourite and wrote notes on what we thought of them. We also thought about 5 words that he might have said about his own work and did some sketches of them.

After that we looked at using paints in a variety of ways to produce different effects. We looked at blending paints and the wet on wet technique to make smooth waters. We also experimenting making crushing waves and creating foam by dapping and flicking the paint onto the page. In the following lesson we had to produce four painted pages each using these different techniques.

Mrs Clarkson showed us a way of creating collages of Viking ships by using wooden effect paper and adding shields, a sail, a head and decorations to our ships. We also used our papers to create a collage of the sea by cutting out waves and layering them over the page. We evaluated our work by talking about if we were happy with the composition and thought about how in the UK we read from left to right and so our eyes will naturally look across the page this way when we look at art so sometimes it looks best to have the object “travelling” towards the right side of the page. We uploaded our work onto Seesaw for a digital display.

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