Year 2

Term 1

This term we have been learning about architecture. We watched a video about what architecture is and looked on Google Earth at our school. It was really exciting zooming into local places like Leeds Castle, Maidstone Museum and Mote Park to see a bird’s eye view. We talked about how we see our local environment differently to birds and how a dog would see things differently too. We wrote our ideas down in our class Working Book. We then looked at different drawing materials s and had a go at doing some quick sketches of architecture, some continuous line drawings and some drawings only using straight lines.

We then looked at the work of architect Hundertwasser. We talked about the curvy lines and all the small mosaic looking pieces in the buildings and how they look similar or different to other buildings that we’ve seen.

After that we worked in groups to build airport control towers of synagogues. We had lots of photos to refer to and designed through making, using flat cut out pieces to create buildings.

Finally we decorated our buildings in similar styles to Hundertwasser. Some of us painted them, some of us stuck materials onto them and some of us did a combination of both. At the end of the project we discussed how our work could be presented. We made a selection of plinths, backgrounds etc and took photos of our work on the Ipads. We uploaded our work to Seesaw to create a digital display.

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