Year 5

Term 1

This term Year 5 have been studying The Ancient Greeks.

In art we researched the features of Greek Vases and designed our own vases using these features. We had to think about the types of tools we would need for shaping them, joining parts and for the pictures/markings around the edge. Once our vases were completed we did some observational drawings of them using pencils, pens and charcoal. We learnt to experiment with a range of pencils and considered light and shadow and form and space. We drew the whole vase and also had a go at drawing a close up of a section of our vase too.

Term 2

This term our topic has been Space. We have been studying the artist, Peter Thorpe and learning all about his space themed paintings. We talked about his use of colour and perspective and learnt how to do our own one point perspective paintings. We then had to apply our knowledge to design and paint our own space themed pictures.

Term 3

This term we did a mini art project all about Vincent Van Gogh which we linked to our topic on mountains. We looked at the work of Van Gogh and discussed how his work is painted in a different style to other painters that we have studied. We then had a go at using small strokes with a paintbrush to create a similar effect and then repeated this but using oil pastels.

After that we thought back to the work we were looking at last term on perspective and also learnt about the rule of thirds to help us with our composition. We incorporated these ideas into our mountain designs which we then drew using oil pastels in the style of Vincent Van Gogh.

Term 4

We looked at the work of artist, William Morris and talked about the main features of his work. We then had to create our own designs based on his work. Some of us made our designs symmetrical and we used lots of ideas inspired by the natural world. We looked at our work and talked about in which ways they illustrate various elements and principles of art, referring to the glossaries in our sketch books to help. We then used lots of different types of paper to create our work and folded the pieces over before we cut them out so that we could create symmetrical shapes.

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