Term 1- Fashion Club

Fashion Club have been designing and creating their own t-shirts.

We were given a budget and looked through the KCS catalogue to decide which fabric dyes we would like to order. As a group we decided that we would like to learn how to do tie-dye and decided that we would add silhouettes to the t-shirts afterwards.

We tie-dyed the t-shirts with spiral designs and then experimented with different techniques to decide the best way to do the silhouettes. Some of us chose to use templates and some of us drew our designs on with chalk and then painted them on with fabric paints.

Our finished t-shirts all looked absolutely amazing so we showed them in assembly and told the children all about how we designed and made them.

Term 2

Art and Crafts Club have been busy doing all sorts of activities this term. We decorated photo frames and created pictures based around the topic 'Christmas Moon'. Evie had her work published on social media for an online calendar by Animate Arts Company.

For our final session, we invited our parents into school to make Christmas decorations. We had the choice of lots of different resources and made some lovely decorations to hang on our Christmas tree. We think the parents enjoyed it nearly as much as the children! 

Term 3- Year 3 and 4 Felting Club

We have been learning to use merino felting fibres to create felt pictures. We had to lay out the fibres vertically to make a back, then lay out more fibres horizontally to make our background. When we had done this, we had to very carefully 'draw' the picture using the fibres, ensuring that we started at the back and did all the details like stripes on the animals and the eyes at the end. When we were happy with them we covered the pictures in net curtains and had to sprinkle warm, soapy water over them and rub them hard using soap for ten minutes.

After rinsing the soap out we then wrapped them in bubble wrap and had to repeatedly roll them up 80 times (we grew really big muscles doing this!). Finally, Mrs Clarkson put them carefully in very hot water, then we put them in cold water, they went back into hot water and then into cold water again. We rolled them a little more and then our pictures were completed. We showed them in assembly and told the whole school how we made them. Everyone was very impressed with our amazing work!

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