Year 1 Art

Term 1

This term year 1 have been experimenting with different materials. They spent several weeks creating lots of different papers using wax resist, poster paints and printing. They then had to cut squares and rectangles out of their paper to create fields which were used to create a farm scene. Finally they had to draw a farmhouse and do some other drawings of their choice to complete them. As you can see, they were very proud of their work! 

Term 2

This term the children have been creating artwork all about fireworks. They looked at using a variety of techniques such as printing using kitchen rolls, using pastels on black paper and using photos of themselves to add into the pictures. They also investigated different ways of creating reflections. Once they had learnt all the techniques they then created illustrations for the acrostic poems that they had written in their literacy lessons, using their own choice of materials. They typed up their poems, printed them onto acetate and then looked at different compositions.




Term 3

Ash Class have been learning about ‘Animals’ this term and as part of their artwork were challenged to think about being ‘Art Rebels’ for a competition that we are entering. We looked at the work of digital artist Arne Fredriksen who creates art by joining two photos of different animals together.



As our work was so incredible it is being displayed at Shepway Library for the public to see! Well done to all the future fashion designers in Ash Class!

Term 5

This term Ash Class have been learning about plants and trees. In art we did some observational drawings of flowers and plants outside. We then looked at the artist Andy Goldsworthy and discussed how he creates his artwork. We found out that he uses lots of natural materials in his work. Finally we worked in small groups to design our own work and created it on the playground.

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