At Senacre Wood Primary School, the Governing Body, as well as the Headteacher and staff, actively support the ethos of the school and endeavour at all times to ensure that this is an integral part of all aspects of school life.

The members of the current Governing Body come from a wide background of experience and have a huge range of talents and skills, all of which they have committed to the support and well-being of the school. Governors are appointed in several ways and represent many different areas of the community. Their role is to support and advise on the work carried out within the school. Through meetings, both formally and informally, the Governors keep up-to-date with the daily running of the school, as well as helping prepare and implement, school policies. 

Governors attend three Full Governing Body Meetings per school year, as well as sitting on our two sub-committees: The Curriculum Committee and the Finance Committee.

They are looked upon as 'Critical Friends'.

To be a Governor of Senacre Wood Primary School is both an honour and a privilege and the current team welcome you to the website, which we believe to be an informative and positive introduction to our school.

Name Governor Type Office Committees Roles Interests
Appointed Expires Business Financial
Mrs. Joanne Mason Parent 04 November 2019 03 November 2023 Finance

Interim Chair

Sports Funding


None Declared None Declared
Mr. Colin Ridgers

Local Authority

11 July 2019 10 July 2023 Curriculum

Interim Vice Chair


Pupil Premium and Catch-up funding

None Declared None Declared
Mrs. Emily Sweeney Headteacher 01 Jan 2017 Ongoing



HT None Declared None Declared
Mrs. Maria Dixon Staff: Deputy Headteacher 02 February 2022 01 February 2026 Curriculum Teaching and Learning Lead None Declared None Declared
Rev. Joyce Addison Co-opted 16 July 2020 16 July 2024 Curriculum

Staff Wellbeing


None Declared None Declared
Mr. Neil Brown Co-opted 7 December 2021 8 December 2025 Finance Health and Safety None Declared None Declared
Mrs Suzanne Ruffle Co-opted 18 January 2022 17 January 2026 Curriculum




None Declared None Declared
Mr Aaron Kapala Parent 07 January 2022 06 January 2026 Curriculum

Vice-Chair of Curriculum Committee



DT and Art

None Declared None Declared
Mrs Leanne Garrett Parent 04 October 2022 03 October 2026 Curriculum


None Declared None Declared

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